How to relax in front of the video camera

in front of the camera

The rise in visual communication has pushed droves of people in front of the video camera but for many it’s an uncomfortable place to be. It’s not surprising given the emphasis on looking good that surrounds us but it’s not … Continue reading


Are you scared to face the video camera?

It’s no secret that video is the way forwards in terms of getting a bigger foot into your customers’ door. You just have to take a look at some of the stats–such as...

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Reduce YOUR workload with an explainer video

How-to and explainer videos can take a huge weight off our shoulders. From learning how to decorate Easter eggs — yes it’s nearly Easter [sigh]  to learning how to...

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Why visuals and video are SO popular

Whilst listening to a podcast about visual storytelling presented by social media guru Michael Stelzner from SocialMedia Examiner, I got a flash of the blinding obvious: people...


Video marketing time bomb

The tidal wave of videos is fast approaching the shore, some say it has already flooded the beach. But what we’ve seen to date is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg: content...

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