Looking after video equipment in winter

filming in the snow 2

Filming in winter is a beautiful thing. The magical blues and golden moments gifted by the low sun is like no other season. But just as videographers need to wrap up warm in filming-friendly attire to ensure maximum functioning (read … Continue reading


Videography in winter

With the first UK winter frost behind us, the subject of filming in cold to freezing climes becomes topical. The colours of winter are without doubt striking;  the white-wash...

golden hour 2

The Ice Bucket Challenge owes a lot to video

The latest ice bucket challenge in aid of the motor neurone disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is another reminder of the power of video and how we all love to watch...

ice bucket challenge 2

4 Tips for presenting to camera

Presenting to camera is an opportunity to get a step closer to your audience. If you get it right, it gives you a window to show people who you are (and with that comes trust) and...

presenting to camera

What makes a good Vlog?

Like a good book, a great vlog has to be interesting and inviting within the first few seconds. If it doesn’t grab your target audience quickly, they’ll be off as quickly as...