What makes a good Vlog?


Like a good book, a great vlog has to be interesting and inviting within the first few seconds. If it doesn’t grab your target audience quickly, they’ll be off as quickly as they came. And it doesn’t take a natural … Continue reading


How a company vlog (video blog) can boost your brand

Do the names Sam Pepper, Zoella or Miranda ring any bells? If you’re a parent, you may have seen your children watching them on YouTube. These young rising Internet sensations,...

sam pepper and zoella

Sky view: Videos from above

There’s something wonderful about seeing images of the world taken from an elevated position. Piloting a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is for some more than just a fad,...

Tulip fields

Summer holiday gadgets

If you’re going on a summer holiday, why not top up on a few handy gadgets to make your journey more comfortable and inject some extra fun into your stay. First up is the...

summer gadgets

Video cameras abroad: is it really worth the hassle?

It’s such a hassle travelling with photography gear, so much so that it pushes a lot of people to buy a compact and travel light, especially when journeying with young children...

heavy bag